What We Do

The project categories show the range of disciplines so far explored and experience gained. I am constantly looking for new projects to apply my approach to.

My interest and knowledge of traditional crafts and the vernacular, as well as forms observed in nature, provide the foundation from which I look to innovate and explore new solutions and responses to clients’ needs.

    Some of the principles by which I work:
  • Integrity:
    Integrity and diligence are important elements in my work. I intend to create quality in content, communication, process and manufacture.
  • Quality:
    Ensuring that every element of the design and manufacture is to the highest standards in material and craftsmanship, coupled with an awareness of the appropriate.
  • Communication:
    Making the relationship between client and myself an exiting, informative and fun journey. Often it is the sharing of the process that can be the most valuable and dynamic aspect of a project.
  • Innovation:
    Pushing, testing and exploring approaches to designing and making. Using traditional skills to make new things.
  • Ecology:
    Sustainable solutions naturally follow when the principals above are adhered to.

    Clients include:
  • Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan
  • Arne Maynard Garden Design
  • West Sussex County Council
  • English Heritage
  • Portland Design
  • East Sussex County Council
  • Private Clients

William Hardie Design,
27 Paddock Rd,
East Sussex BN7 1UU